Spotlight on our Graduates - Aiden Clarage

Aiden with Steel bridge team at competition
  • Hometown: Harvard, MA

Aiden Clarage

Major: Civil EngineeringWhy did you choose Cornell?
Cornell's project team program offered a network of hands-on learning and community unparalleled at any other school. Ithaca and Cornell campus are also just beautiful and lovely places.Why CEE? 
It felt like the best way to use my skills to help people the most I could. A sustainable built environment is key to our lives, and I believe that will only become more salient in the future.What do you think was the most valuable lesson you learned while pursuing this major? 
You can sometimes accomplish a lot more and be more helpful to others by calling something good enough and moving on to the next problem. An engineering solution is not a scientific solution.What advice do you have for students considering CEE? 
Join a project team, and only apply to ones that you think you would get along well with the other members. Also try to take more than just the minimum required number of design courses as long as you can keep a reasonable workload - they're the most fun and interesting.Aiden and friend on campus with sunsetWhat interests do you have outside your studies?
 I was the team lead for the Steel Bridge project team this year. We hosted competition and took home 3rd place! I am also a member of the Guild of Visual Arts and Pole Posse. In spare time I like to explore the buildings of Cornell with my friend. I think we've been in almost all of them.What are your plans after graduation? 
I will be starting work in the DC area for Clark Construction. I interned for their foundations group last summer and I'm excited to head back.Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
I hope to have my professional engineering license and preferably experience in a couple different fields. Honestly I might join a nonprofit to further infrastructure in developing regions.

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