Summer plans: Yitzy Rosenberg, EnVE ’20

Yitzy with another student

We asked CEE students the familiar back-to-school question: what did you do this summer? 

Thanks to funding from Engaged Cornell, Yitzy Rosenberg, Environmental Engineering ’20, hosted an AguaClara table at the World Water Summit and then attended the International Rotary Convention in Hamburg, Germany. Rosenberg said, “I was inspired by some tremendous people, learned helpful industry best practices, and further developed AguaClara's public image. As a result of the convention, I've been following up on some incredible connections that I hope will continue to enhance our mission of bringing Safe Water on Tap. After the convention in Hamburg, I had a wonderful time presenting with Subhani Katugampala at the NYWEA Spring Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York. Our presentation titled "Empowering Communities Through Safe Water" helped inform our local water sector on the work AguaClara has done and hopes to do in the future.”


Yitzy with three other people laughing

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