Admissions - Structural M.Eng.

The Master of Engineering degree is a coursework and project-oriented program.

The Master of Engineering degree is a coursework and project-oriented program. Prospective applicants can find additional information on our Applicant Help and FAQs page.

I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or M.S. Do I need to contact a faculty member to be considered?

You may reach out to faculty members to get a better understanding of their research, however due to Graduate School guidelines, we may not directly admit a student into a lab. Please fill out the application based on your research interests.

Application Deadlines

We will open our application portal to review applications for the Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters on September 1st. The application deadline for Spring 2024 is October 15th, and the deadline for Fall 2024 is January 5th.

Application Requirements 

We admit students with a bachelor’s degree from a variety of STEM backgrounds. No work experience is required. Accepted students have sequence of math that includes Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Differential Equations, and a Probability and Statistics course.

  • Online application
  • Statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation (3)
  • Application fee
  • GRE scores are no longer required
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores for applicants whose native language is not English. See below for English Language Proficiency guidelines.

Tips for the statement of purpose in your application

  • Be creative! We want to learn more about you in a fun, engaging way.
  • Highlight your strengths: This is the time to showcase you and how you will contribute to the Cornell M.Eng. community.
  • Share your passion for Cornell: We are excited to hear what gets you excited about Cornell and the M.Eng. program.

We also recommend reviewing the statement of purpose guidelines from the Graduate School:

Admission for International Applicants English Language Proficiency

All International Applicants must be able to demonstrate a minimum required level of English Language Proficiency in order to be considered for admission. More information is available on the Graduate School website


For the IBT TOEFL, you must meet the following minimum required scores as determined by the Cornell Graduate School in each of the following sections in order to be considered for admission to our field:

  • Listening - 15
  • Writing - 20
  • Reading - 20
  • Speaking – 22


A combined overall score of 7.0 or higher is required for consideration for admission when submitting an IELTS score.

If you are not able to meet or exceed the minimum scores in each of the four sections of the IBT TOEFL or the combined overall score of the IELTS, you will not be considered eligible for admission to Cornell University. Sadly, no exceptions will be made.

You may only be considered eligible for an English Language Proficiency Requirement (i.e. TOEFL or IELTS) waiver if you have studied full-time for two (2) or more consecutive years (a minimum of four (4) consecutive semesters) at a college or university where English is the language of instruction located in a country where English is the native language (including English-speaking Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK).

Every other country, including the India subcontinent, Singapore, the Anglophone Caribbean, Anglophone Africa, Francophone Canada and Puerto Rico, do not qualify for a TOEFL exemption, as per the Cornell Graduate School.