M.Eng. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Enhance your career with a Master's of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The M.Eng. degree at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering provides a flexible curriculum, real-world practical experience and access to a network of Cornell alumni. 

The M.Eng. program in civil and environmental engineering is aimed at engineers who wish to improve the depth and breadth of their technical abilities in the context of the engineering profession. They do this through additional course work and participation in a project that contains the elements of engineering practice. 

The Master of Engineering degree is normally completed in two semesters of intensive study. Thirty credit hours that include coursework in major and supporting areas and a project are required.

In addition to the coursework in a chosen major, a student will also take courses in one or multiple supporting areas. These can be chosen from any of the specialty areas within CEE, as well as in other disciplines, including microbiology, historic preservation, operations research, computer science, economics, materials science, architecture, and engineering management. 

Students from all fields of engineering and the physical and natural sciences are welcome in the master of engineering programs offered by the school. However, a student may be asked or required to take additional preparatory coursework which will be determined by faculty in the student’s chosen major. This preparatory work does not count toward the M.Eng. graduation requirements. Any preparatory coursework that is required will be listed in the letter offering admission.

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Graduate Program Contacts: 

Professor Pete J. Diamessis
Director of Graduate Studies

Melissa L. Totman
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs
Cornell University
The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
219 Hollister Hall

Email:  cee_grad@cornell.edu