construction site with steel frame structure

Structural Engineering M.Eng. Projects

Representative themes for the Structural Engineering M.Eng. project experience include: forensic engineering studies and failure investigations; and design of signature buildings or bridges; structural condition assessment and prognosis studies. 

Structural Engineering Projects

Spring 2023 

A project team will plan, develop, and execute the structural engineering design for a real world, tall building structure using state of the art knowledge and toolsets. The project will follow traditional design phases by schematically evaluating concepts, developing designs for the gravity and lateral systems, and detailing documents for construction. The selected design will be expected to consider sustainability and resiliency. Advisor: Matthew Reiter

Spring 2022

The project centered on the structural design of a nineteen story structure in New York City – with small teams operating as their own structural engineering consulting firm.  Working off Architecture drawings of an actual building under construction, the teams developed program specific gravity loads, site specific lateral loads from wind and seismic, and were able to schematically evaluate the feasibility of structural systems made of concrete, steel, and mass timber.  The class met regularly with the Structural Engineer of Record on the project proceeded to analyzing and design the gravity and lateral systems, diaphragms, foundations, and routinely reviewing the embodied carbon impact of their design choices. Matthew Reiter

Fall 2021

M.Eng. Project – McGraw Hall Renovation

The McGraw Hall Renovation project is set-up to simulate a real-world project where students will serve as the consulting engineering company and the instructor represents the owner. Students will be issued a request for proposal (rfp) and will formally propose to provide professional services for the project. The project is broken into phases which take the form of managing a schedule, invoicing, deliverables, and providing presentations to stakeholders on progress. Students will lead the design effort and be proactive in finding times for questions mutually convenient for all parties, distributing agendas, and issuing minutes. This project experience prepares students professionally to lead a design team. Advisor: Matthew Reiter