Environmental Processes, M.Eng. Focus

The Environmental Processes concentration focuses on the phenomena, concepts and technology essential for maintaining the quality of the air-land-water environment. Investigation of exciting solutions that benefit humanity and the natural environment is broadened, deepened and enriched in Cornell's Civil and Environmental Engineering Programs. Specialization in Environmental Processes requires an understanding of the biological, chemical and physical phenomena that affect the planning, design and operation of the engineering facilities needed to protect public health and the environment. Specializations include contaminant fate in the environment, water and wastewater treatment.

Possible Projects include:

Renewable Energy: Bioelectricity from Waste Material
Advanced Water Treatment Technologies - AguaClara

AguaClara and Sustainable Water Treatment
The AguaClara program is dedicated to the ongoing development of resilient, gravity-powered drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies. Many M.Eng. EnvE students pursue projects with this program. The projects provide hands-on, real-world experience in humanitarian engineering and sustainable international development while simultaneously developing expertise in advanced water treatment and design methodologies. Cornell graduates who have participated in the AguaClara project teams are highly regarded by employers.

For a courses program in this area, students should look at the courses listed under Environmental Processes,particularly CEE 4540 and CEE 6530.  Other core courses include CEE 6560 and CEE 6570.  See also http://aguaclara.cornell.edu

Environmental Processes (EP) Sample Program
CEE 4510 Microbiology for Environmental Engineering (3 cr.)
CEE 6530 Water Chemistry for Environmental Engineering (3 cr.)
CEE 6550 Transport, Mixing, and Transformation in the Environment (3 cr.) 
CEE 6560 Physical/Chemical Process (3 cr.)
CEE 6020 (SEM 102) Environmental Processes Seminar (1 cr.)
CEE 5021 Project in EWRE - AguaClara (3 cr.)
Fall Total: 16 credits

CEE 4530 Laboratory Research in Environmental Engineering (3 cr.)
CEE 6570 Biological Processes (3 cr.)
CEE 65801Biodegradation and Biocatalysis -or- CEE 6590 Environmental Organic Chem. (3 cr.)
CEE 5970 Risk Analysis and Management (3 cr.)
CEE 6021 (SEM 102) Environmental Processes Seminar (1 cr.)
CEE 5022 Project in EWRE - AguaClara (3 cr.)
Spring Total: 16 credits                                                                       Program total 32 credits

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For more information, see:

Civil and Environmental Graduate Student Handbook – M.Eng. Program (PDF)
EWRS Brochure (PDF)