Transportation Systems Engineering, M.Eng.

Transportation systems around the globe today face a wide range of challenges, from congestion and adequacy of infrastructure maintenance, to burgeoning growth in demand for the movement of people and goods both locally and long distance, to the need for an adequate energy supply, and to reduce negative effects on the environment. These challenges provide an opportunity for professionals interested in transportation systems to pursue a highly stimulating and rewarding career in the field. 

The M.Eng. program in Transportation Systems at Cornell prepares students for professional careers with both private companies and public agencies. The Cornell program is interdisciplinary because the effective development and operation of transportation systems requires integration of concepts from a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, computer science, city and regional planning, economics, public policy and management. The program is also systems-oriented, because the systems perspective is critical to the effective design and operation of transportation services. The core curriculum focuses on transportation planning, design and analysis. Students then have an opportunity to specialize in an area of particular interest. Past projects in the Transportation Systems Engineering area have included:

  • Port Security and Traffic Growth
  • Advanced Traveler Information Systems
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation
  • Pre-positioning emergency supplies for natural disasters
  • Sensor location for traffic management in urban networks
  • Logistics system design: inbound materials in supply chains
  • Evacuation planning for Hurricane Events

An M.Eng. in Transportation Systems Engineering prepares students for professional careers with both private companies, such as the Norfolk Southern Railway, VHB Consultants, Kanaan Consulting, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines, and public agencies, such as the California Department of Transportation, the City of Durham, NC, the World Bank, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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