CE Program Educational Objectives and Outcomes

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University is dedicated to providing the highest quality broad-based technical, scientific, and liberal education. We create and maintain an outstanding educational program in a climate that fosters diverse skills designed for professional success.

Our program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (www.abet.org), and our Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes, listed below for the Civil Engineering (CE) program, are consistent with the requirements of ABET. 

Corresponding Objectives and Outcomes for the Environmental Engineering (EnvE) program by going to the EnvE website.

The Program Educational Objectives for the Civil Engineering major are to prepare our students to:

  • Achieve excellence in engineering decision-making and design,

  • Attain leadership careers in engineering practice,
  • Complete graduate professional engineering education,
  • Pursue advanced study and research in engineering, and
  • Engage in diverse, alternative career choices.

The Student Outcomes for the Civil Engineering major are:

  • Understanding of engineering fundamentals and their application to the solution of problems,

  • Completion of a broad-based curriculum rich in liberal studies intended to raise awareness of cultural contexts and societal issues,
  • Creation of sound designs subject to uncertainty and to multiple societal and engineering constraints,
  • Experience with the process of research inquiry,
  • Demonstrated skill at learning,
  • Project management skills and an aptitude for management of multiple tasks,
  • Creative, independent thinking and a tolerance for ambiguity,
  • Communication skills, both written and oral,
  • A capacity for leadership, inclusiveness, and teamwork,
  • Professionalism, including ethics,
  • A desire to provide service to society, and
  • An understanding of the contemporary dynamism of the CEE profession and of the need for continued scholarship.

Civil Engineering Major Graduates

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